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Actually What We Do

Our Main Services

We specialize in the recruitment and placement of specialists in the Information Technology area such as analysts, programmers, designers, administrators, Project Leaders and Managers. We provide a career matching service for IT professionals and potential employers by maintaining a talent repository of professionals in the IT area and continually updating the same.
We cater not only to the requirement of technical skills that our client requires of the candidate but cultural and attitudinal requisites as well. Selection, pre-screening and the value proposition: Assisted by an expert team of IT and industry professionals in the process, creative, keeping in line with its mission statement, conducts a preliminary pre-selection of the prospective IT employee, which consists of evaluation of technical skills as well as behavioral and attitudinal attributes. As part of our services in IT recruiting, we provide both intensive as well as extensive personality, communication and presentation skills enhancement programs for all IT professionals recruited through us, requiring these inputs in their assignments - especially geared for cross ethnic-cultural work environments.The skills which we focus on include :